Enjoy the Weevie Road!

Enjoy the Weevie Road!

All of Life’s Roads Aren’t Straight…Enjoy the Weevie Road. Steve Grantham, owner of Outback Steakhouse in Flowood is enjoying life’s journey. He gets that life’s road isn’t straight, you know, those twists and turns that you don’t expect along the way. Grantham says life is too short to do anything other than enjoy the journey, that’s what he calls the Weevie Road.

Those twists and turns of life found Outback owner, Grantham, partnering with Lucky Town Brewery, in Jackson, Mississippi, to make a brew that comes from a lifetime of experiences, and gives you a taste of what life is all about…warm feelings about home and the friendships you make along the way. A golden ale that represents what we enjoy about life…adventuresome, refreshing, and dependable. And, what better name to give this one-of–a-kind brew than Weevie Road Golden Ale?

Creating and marketing a craft beer is no easy feat, and can be a long and complicated process. Grantham and his team went about it with the thought that it would be a success, not if it would be. The Weevie Road team developed a very impressive marketing campaign and package, and it paid off. The approval went through in record time! Brewing could begin!

Grantham’s partnership with Lucky Town Brewery has made it possible to make The Weevie Road a reality! Whether you are dining out at Outback Steakhouse, in Flowood, or lucky enough to find it in a local grocery or convenience store, you can now enjoy The Weevie Road! Grantham admitted that to enjoy his favorite ale, even he had to purchase the beer at one of the local stores. And for a man that is enjoying the journey, I’m sure that was one turn in the road he welcomed!