Author: Drew

salvation army group photo

More than Bell-Ringers

It only takes one trip to the Salvation Army for you to realize how blessed you are and how much we all take for granted. Jennifer and Taylor with the Salvation Army were kind enough to take a group of us on a tour of their facility in Jackson, and it was an eye-opening and


Enjoy the Weevie Road!

All of Life’s Roads Aren’t Straight…Enjoy the Weevie Road. Steve Grantham, owner of Outback Steakhouse in Flowood is enjoying life’s journey. He gets that life’s road isn’t straight, you know, those twists and turns that you don’t expect along the way. Grantham says life is too short to do anything other than enjoy the journey,


Try Something New and Feel Renewed

I wouldn’t call myself an exercise expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have spent many hours running, sweating, playing volleyball, basketball, and several other similar sports. One type of exercise I’ve never tried is yoga. Recently, Tara Yoga joined the Flowood Chamber and I thought, what better time to give yoga a